Frantz Nursery Crop Photos

Product: COKI01
Botanical Name: Coprosma kirkii
Common Name: Mirror Bush, Tree Bedstraw
Product Size: #01

12"x5'tall and wide.Evergreen ground cover with small yellow-green leaves. White fruit, speckled red. Tough and tolerant. Half shade. Regular water

Crop #157740, Location 2-7, Available 2021-03, Notes: 6x10

Crop #161034, Location 1-16, Available 2021-10, Notes: 6x8

Crop #170306, Location 3-4, Available 2023-06, Notes: 4x8

Crop #170670, Location 3-10, Available 2023-06, Notes: 8x8

Crop #172029, Location 1-7, Available 2023-08, Notes: 4x8