Frantz Nursery Crop Photos

Product: LITE15
Botanical Name: Ligustrum j. 'Texanum'
Common Name: Waxleaf Privet
Product Size: #15
Category: SHRUBS

10'x8'tall and wide. Evergreen, dark green, dense shrub.Fast grower. Tolerates full sun, heat, and smog. Regular water.

Crop #169509, Location 11-8, Available 2023-06, Notes: 3x2

Crop #171379, Location 4-11, Available 2023-10, Notes: 3x2.5

Crop #174803, Location 26-41, Available 2024-03, Notes: 2x2

Crop #174804, Location 26-18, Available 2024-03, Notes: 2.5x2