Frantz Nursery Crop Photos

Product: PYCH15
Botanical Name: Pyrus c. 'Chanticleer'
Common Name: Pyrus c. 'Chanticleer'
Product Size: #15
Category: TREES

40'x15'tall and wide. Upright, narrow pyramidal shaped tree. Gold-red to plum Fall colors. Heavier blooming,later than other pears. Sun. Reg water.

Crop #165415, Location 5-5, Available 2023-03, Notes: 6x1.5x1

Crop #167975, Location 11-5, Available 2023-04, Notes: 8-9x1-2'x1"

Crop #167976, Location 11-6, Available 2023-04, Notes: 8x1x.75

Crop #171273, Location 5-4, Available 2023-08, Notes: 6x1x.75