Frantz Nursery Crop Photos

Product: QUAS36
Botanical Name: Quercus agrifolia std.
Common Name: Quercus agrifolia std.
Product Size: 36"
Category: TREES

70'x100'tall and wide. Evergreen with leathery, tooth edged, holly-like leaves. Large, spreading tree. Full sun. Special care with watering.

Crop #163316, Location 17-18, Available 2022-07, Notes: 12x4.5x2.25

Crop #163485, Location 13-3, Available 2022-07, Notes: 11x4x3

Crop #167939, Location 13-2, Available 2022-12, Notes: 13x3.5x2.50

Crop #172706, Location 13-1, Available 2023-12, Notes: 10.5x3.5x2.50